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We’re a Mobile Security Research Firm from Australia. We ensure your device or app is up to standard when it comes to security.

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Think you're secure? think again.


provides audits for both Android Applications and Android Devices, from the software to the hardware, OneDefence tests everything.

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How Secure,
Do you think you are?

Exhaustive Audits.

Tested. Every way.

  • Fully Independent Audits
  • Friendly Staff
  • Detailed Reports
We test every aspect of a target device, in-depth analysis of the OS all the way down to the hardware.

Corporate & Enterprise

Be Confident.

  • Military Grade Security
  • Confident in knowing your data is safe
  • In-house penetration team
Having confidence in your device's security should come naturally. If you leave your deivce with someone, you should have the confidence that no data could be extracted.

Application Security

Piece of mind.

  • Android Application Security Audits
  • Windows and .NET Application Security Audits
  • Full Stack Audits
We test a wide range of applications, whatever your poison is, we can audit it. Contact us below to find out how.

When security is key, 
we've got you covered!
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Did we mention we do Embedded Development?

Cortex-A isn't our only speciality

Security In Mind

Every bit of software we write is written with Security in Mind.

Software Made With Love

We love software! And we love it Secure!

Certified experts

Professional Security Researchers and Developers

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Surry Hills, Sydney (Australia)